Quick, quick, slide


Life has it’s own rhythm - you don’t have to go with the speed of all other people and you don’t have to fly with the speed of the modern fast world. How about you decide about the tempo.  5 proven ways to chill.

Instead of taking the bus, public transportation or the cab, take your time and walk. You will realize things what you can’t experience from you office. Take your time and enjoy being outside.

One thing the time
You are working your ass of as we all do… and of course a little messenger between two things , some scrolling on Instagram while you are in a meeting or checking you Facebook while you make a presentation JUST HAPPENS.  Don’t be surprised that your life is chaos. Instead of multitasking try to focus on one thing.  You’ll be done much faster and there is still time left for some extra social media fun. Focus on the right staff.

Get an appointment to yourself
Is your time system full? Your family and friends need to make an appointment to with you? How about you make an appointment with yourself?  Make a date night with yourself, make sportsplans with yourself, a walk with yourself or anything the relaxes you. You wont just have free time, you have to plan it. Just do it!

Digital detox
How long can you handle being without a smart phone, laptop or any digital device? Test yourself just for fun, so you can see. Read a book instead of reading on your iPad, set a real alarm clock instead of waking up with your phone next to you. You have a bigger chance to be relaxed and chill without t all the electro smog around your body.

Sit at a table
It’s called lunch break because you are supposed to take a break at lunchtime. How simple? You have to take the time for proper breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please take your time and have a good meal when you take your mind off of work and other responsibilities.  Enjoy the flavor of the different drinks and foods. The best place to do so is BB’z Bar Budapest!