Drop by: we are bigger on the inside and so is our selection. You can party, you can feast or you can just have a coffee and watch the world go by.

Relax, party, relish, meet up – or just drop by for a beerpong! BB'z will deliver it all in the most bustling neigbourhood of Budapest, in Király street right next to Gozsdu udvar. Whatever the plan is for today, we promise to provide the matching food and drinks and a pleasant atmosphere. We have private rooms and grand cellar for party animals; a fancy but friendly restaurant for businesspeople; and great rooms for cultural programmes, be it a stag do, an expected or unexpected birthday party or unique, special celebrations.

Now, there’s only one question left: when can we expect you?


For all events check out our hungarian site! Cheers:



Cheer for your fav team on NFL Super Bowl and let's party at the most liveful neigbourhood of Budapest, on Király street right next to Gozsdu udvar!

Sunday brunch

A super intimate, Sunday afternoon get-together every week. Relaxation, endless chill, delicious snacks and kickass drinks - one thing's for sure: ultimate fun!

Drink, like a movie star

A stylish person drinks like the best celebrities in the movies. You can drink at the cinema in BB’z Bar Budapest or simply at home in a chair. Before, after or during the film you should simply make a toast for their health by drinking their favourites. Let’s see who drinks what and how much?